Win 95 banned in India due to timezone map

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>  Wanted to update you guys on this.  Kind of hard to
>  believe, but this is a real issue.

>  The timezone map doesn't display the correct borders for
>  north region of Kashmir according to the Indian
>  government.

>  This is an area they are at war with Pakistan over.  The
>  map in Win95 is the map used by the UN, so we thought it
>  correct.  The Indian Goverment has banned all sales of
>  Windows 95 in India and have also threatened to ban all
>  sales of all MS products in India.   (Note that the
>  difference were talking about is a dozen pixels on the
>  map.)  I've heard this is front page news there too.

>  Looks like the solution of disabling the map is ok for
>  them, so that's what we'll do and re-release a special
>  English version for India.  We'd change the bitmap to 

>  please India, but who knows how long it'd stay correct. In
>  the future, we'll have a more politically correct timezone
>  picker that avoids this sort of thing so we don't have to
>  ship a special Indian version.

>  If you have any special advise on how else we might deal
>  with this, please let me know.I don't have a schedule yet
>  on when we'll be able to re-release disks and CDs for
>  India.

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> Hi Stan,

> Apparently the Microsoft story is true ...

> Tom

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> Unbelievable, but true.
> Looks like the rectification is in the works already(according to the
> Economic Times of India)

> Microsoft removes software feature with wrong Indian map (Eco. Times)

>     Microsoft will omit the time zone feature in its Windows 95 software
>     package for the Indian market. This follows the Indian Customs
>     department's decision not to allow the import of software that has
>     maps showing Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan and China. Microsoft has
>     also decided to rectify erroneous maps of India in several of its
>     other products.

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