betatzcode.tar.gz and betatzdata.tar.gz

Arthur David Olson ado
Fri Jan 6 23:41:32 UTC 1995

The files
are now available for anonymous ftp from
The data files use new features to allow common handling of EC countries;
the code files have been delinted, along with elimination of no-longer-needed
(I hope!) support for systems and compilers without some POSIX stuff.
(Sufficient support for off-the-shelf SunOS 4.1.1 remains.)

Any and all feedback most welcome; in particular let me know if I've
overstepped or understepped on code pruning.  I trust that "tzcode95a.tar.gz"
and "tzdata95a.tar.gz" can be put in place some time before the end of the
month, while "classictzcode.tar.gz" and "classictzdata.tar.gz" will remain in

Many thanks to Paul Eggert for a passle of delinting and data corrections!


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