Rickard Faith faith at
Sun Jun 4 16:25:31 UTC 1995

I've been distributing your tz* packages in a utility package for the Linux
community (util-linux).  Although I distribute the files freely (some are
under the GNU GPL, so they must be distributed with sources), sometimes the
package is included on a commercial CDROM (I don't have any control over

I was going over the copyright notices of the packages in util-linux, and I
could not find any notices in the tz* packages which says anything about
redistribution restrictions: some files are under a freely distributable
UCB license, but others are not.

I wanted to check with you to make sure that redistribution (even
commercial redistribution) is ok.

Thanks for your help in this matter.  Let me know if I can provide more
information about anything or if I can clarify any of my questions.

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