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first of all: Sorry, if this mail seems to be a little bit unpersonal.
It will be sent to a lot of people - so I don't have the time to write 
so many emails.
It is also possible, that you get this message more than once on different
email addresses, just delete the following ones ;-)

Maybe you know that we produce Linux-CDROMs (some prefer: Linux based GNU 
System CDROMs) - maybe you've already gotten one :-) . In any case, our new 
triple-CD (the first one with a complete own distribution, the former 
releases always based on Slackware, Thanx to Pat for his great work)
has been derived from your work and we would like to say "Thank You" 
by sending you a FREE DEVELOPER'S COPY of our CDROMs. 

So if you care to get hold of one, please send me your snail mail address.
Don't worry about shipping costs - we'll try to find someone in every 
edge of this planet to carry the parcels to a local post office :-)

We will allow 2-3 weeks for your response to reach us before we start 
shipping outside of Germany. So please be patient if it takes a little 
while until the packet reaches you.

So, if you're interested, just reply to this mail ;-) - if you're not 
interested and don't want this offer anymore, drop me a line as well.

Thanx again & cu


PS:  I think I've taken great care with the email addresses, but never-
     theless it is possible, that I catched an address of a mailing list. 
     If this has happened, please be fair - this offer is only meant for 
     developers, not for the plain user.

PPS: If you answered the previous developer's mailing, and didn't get your
     copy until now, please do not despair! Probably the address was faulty
     or incomplete. Try again, so we can sort out what went wrong.

PPPS: Take a look at http://www.suse.de, if you're interested in more
     information or simply ask me by email ;-)

PPPPS: If you're interested in a list who got this offer (1000+), drop me 
     a line. Maybe you'd like to check, if I've forgotten someone ;)

  My tip for this evening: Zappa: In New York
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