Sri Lanka, Arthur C. Clarke

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Aug 16 02:54:05 UTC 1996

Did anyone get a response from anyone in Sri Lanka concerning the daylight-
time situation?  I've been subscribing to soc.culture.sri-lanka and haven't
seen anything there other than Paul's posting, as the ng seems to be mostly
about Sinhalese and Tamils living outside Sri Lanka cheering on their
respective home teams and accusing each other of war crimes.
Also, I wonder if Arthur C. Clarke, who lives in Sri Lanka and has made
comments on time zoning, has had anything to say about it.
The future of time zoning is of interest to me, especially since I live in
California, and Clarke in the novel IMPERIAL EARTH (1976) projected that in
2276 we would have only four time zones.  Although not explicitly stated, I
believe that the times he used were GMT-5 for both American continents, GMT+1
for Europe and Africa, GMT+7 for Asia, and either GMT+13 or -11 for
Australia/NZ/Pacific Ocean.
Chris Carrier

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