UNIX System Administration Handbook CDROM

Evi Nemeth evi at rupertsberg.cs.colorado.edu
Mon Aug 19 20:00:02 UTC 1996

August, 1996

Dear Arthur:

A CD-ROM of useful software, tools, and facts for system administrators
has replaced the appendices as part of the second edition of UNIX System
Administration Handbook (Prentice Hall, 1995).  We are about to do a new
printing of the book and CD and would like to include your software package
        "tzcode, tzdata"
on the CD.  Please excuse the form-letter-ness of this message, it's due to
the number of software packages in question and a lack of sophistication
in my PERL programming skills.

My purpose in writing covers three issues: availability, correctness
of our index entry, and continuing permission to include your software.

1) We would like to confirm that
        "tzcode, tzdata"
is in fact freely redistributable and that you have no objection to
its inclusion on our CD.  The CD is included with the book at no cost;
the current version is available as an update for a modest distribution
cost.  The image of the CD can also be accessed by anonymous ftp from

2) We want to make sure that our page-length "index entry" from the CD
for your software is accurate and complete.  Both the index entry and
the tentative table of contents of the CD are included below.

3) In order to expedite future updates of the CD we'd like you to choose
a permission model from those listed below (or suggest your own):
        a) OK to include the software forever; don't bother me again
        b) OK to include the software, but ask each time you revise the CD
        c) Please DO NOT distribute my software

We intend to upgrade as software evolves, but new releases of the CD will
track printings of the book and so the timing is not under our control.
If you agree to a "don't ask me again" model, it would help us keep our
index pages current and correct if you would make the README associated
with your software include any changes in the maintainer or primary ftp site.

Please use email to respond; if we don't hear from you we will assume
that it is OK to include your software and that our index entry is
correct (permission model b), but we would prefer an explicit answer.

Thank you,


Evi Nemeth, Assoc Prof
Computer Science Dept
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0430

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