c-common.c; strftime.c; question

Arthur David Olson ado
Thu Aug 22 17:19:01 UTC 1996

A new version of the GNU C compiler's file c-common.c is available:
This version does strftime format checking against the formats recognized
by an impending release of GNU's strftime.c; as suggested by Paul Eggert,
it's also been retooled to minimize the differences between it and the stock
c-common.c (at the cost of a bit of obscureness).

Also available is
which is a first attempt at run-time strftime format checking. If the
environment variable
is defined, strftime formats are checked at run time and diagnostics are
written to stderr about formats that produce two-digit years in all locales,
in the current locale, or in some locales.

And a year-2000 related question: might it be best to change strftime so
that "%x" yields, for example,
rather than
as is currently true?

Feedback on the new files and the question most welcome!


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