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Alan Perry Alan.Perry at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Aug 23 01:51:27 UTC 1996

>And a year-2000 related question: might it be best to change strftime so
>that "%x" yields, for example,
>        1996-08-22
>rather than
>        08/22/96
>as is currently true?

If you are going to follow the standards, then strftime() should replace
%x with the "locale's appropriate date representation".  That means that
the date representation should vary based on the locale that the caller
is running under.  The default locale is the C locale.

I am at home and I do not keep the standards here, so I cannot look up
what that should be, but I can do it later tonight or tomorrow.

alan perry
former standards and libc guy
current zoneinfo and device driver interfaces guy

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