Probable change needed to the Aust zone files

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Wed Dec 18 09:24:25 UTC 1996

This is pretty minor, and may not be worth bothering with, but
we do try to cover everything, so ...

I was told recently that the town (district probably) of
Kunumurra, in far north east Western Australia has switched its
time zone to be the same as that of the Northern Territory
instead of using WA time (they're just over the border, and the
WA time zone is wildly inappropriate, so it makes sense).

I hope to check this if I can find someone to check it with,
and see if I can discover when it happened exactly.

I wouldn't be in any great hurry to get this fixed, this is going
to be one small town, and I would doubt very much that anyone
there is running the tz code in any form...


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