Timezone names for Greenland

Garrett A. Wollman wollman at lcs.mit.edu
Tue Feb 27 16:46:51 UTC 1996

<<On Tue, 27 Feb 96 15:36:12 +0100, ohnielse at fysik.dtu.dk (Ole Holm Nielsen) said:

> The naming "America" is politically incorrect.  Greenland is a part of
> Denmark, but has had home rule for 10 or 11 years.

That is irrelevant.  Greenland is an island off the coast of North
America, so that's the directory it goes in.

> "Greenland/....".  Furthermore, the town names that you give are Danish
> names.  

As explained in the `africa' file's notes, the town names are the ones
normally used by English speakers making English-language maps.  It
also explains the business about the continents, for that matter.  For
the same reason, `Europe/Copenhagen' is used, rather than
`Europe/Kobenhavn' (if I remember the native spelling correctly...).

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