errors in ISO week number

Arnold D. Robbins arnold at
Mon Jan 1 11:36:00 UTC 1996

> > I think I disagree rather strongly with this. Dec 31 should always be
> > in the last week of the year. This just makes sense. The question is
> > whether it's week 52 or week 53.
> > Ado and Tor, comments?

> Sorry, you are wrong here. For example, week 1 of 1997 starts on Mon,
> Dec 30, 1996. Look in any European (or at least Nordic) calendar for
> verification. Each week has one well-defined number, which around New
> Year might be the last week of the previous year, or week 1 of the
> following year.

Sigh. Not what I wanted to hear (TM).  Oh well. I'll take a look at my
code and see what I can do about this.  (Tor, any code suggestions? :-)

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