A patch to newctime.3

J.T. Conklin jtc at cygnus.com
Mon Jan 15 22:21:58 UTC 1996

The enclosed patch removes text that says that localtime calls tzset
if it hasn't been called before.  Localtime (as well as asctime,
ctime, mktime and strftime) now always call tzset.  There should
probably be text added that documents the real behavior.


Index: newctime.3
RCS file: /home/cvsroot/tz/tzcode/newctime.3,v
retrieving revision
diff -c -r1.1.1.1 newctime.3
*** newctime.3	1996/01/15 21:48:02
--- newctime.3	1996/01/15 22:00:31
*** 56,68 ****
  .I Localtime\^
  corrects for the time zone and any time zone adjustments
  (such as Daylight Saving Time in the U.S.A.).
- Before doing so,
- .I localtime\^
- calls
- .I tzset\^
- (if
- .I tzset\^
- has not been called in the current process).
  After filling in the ``tm'' structure,
  .I localtime
  sets the
--- 56,61 ----

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