Some bugs in timezone reported to the Debian project

Fernando Alegre fernando at
Thu Jan 18 04:07:32 UTC 1996

I maintain the timezone utilities for the Debian project. In case you 
don't know, the Debian project is the result of a volunteer effort to 
create a high-quality non-commercial Linux distribution which will be 
supported by the Free Software Foundation. As part of this project we 
have set up a bug tracking system. Users post bug reports and the Debian 
maintainers try to fix them or forward them to the developer of a given 

There are some bugs related to the timezone utilities which haven't been 
fixed for some time. I would like them to be considered for the next 
release of these packages. Here is the list of outstanding bugs:

1) Reported by Herbert Xu <herbert at>
PRC abandoned daylight saving in 1992 or 1993 but currently the files do 
not reflect this change.

2) Reported by Raul Miller <rdm at>
zdump output from all of the files in the US directory gives GMT times.

3) Reported by Raul Miller <rdm at>
there appears to be a complete duplicate set of files under zoneinfo/right

4) Reported by Raul Miller <rdm at>
either zdump is broken or the zoneinfo files are broken -- they
depend on the file name rather than file contents to determine their
time zone.  This makes "localtime" rather useless, because it
conceals the file name.
[My interpretation is: zdump needs an option for dumping files]

Our bug tracking system needs that a separate e-mail message is sent for 
each bug, so that all messages regarding the same bug can be 
automatically archived together. In order for this to function, it is 
necessary for me to send you a separate message for each bug with a 
Subject: line reading "Re: Bug#0000". Therefore you will receive 4 more 
messages in the near future. I am asking you to kindly keep the Subject: 
line of each message untouched, as well as the Cc: field.

If you need more details please feel free to contact me. Thank you for 
your attention.

	Fernando Alegre
	alegre at

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