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Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Jul 31 05:13:48 UTC 1996

Some comments/questions about the Sri Lankan situation:
Does Sri Lanka plan to remain on daylight time permanently, do they intend to
end it on a given date, or are they going to adopt it in the summer only?  (A
rather silly idea at their latitude, but it's happened before in other
tropical places.)
Actually my information disagrees with the Times about this change being the
first in Sri Lankan history.  My data states that Sri Lanka adopted daylight
time in 1942 and ended it in 1945.  But the phrase "the first time in the
country's history" could refer to history only since its independence in the
late 1940s.
Called AT&T International Operator to get the time in SL and they quoted me
the new time, GMT+6:30.  AT&T is usually the place to go for current data.
Sunrise and sunset in Sri Lanka generally occurs between 6 and 6:30 standard
(7 to 7:30 daylight) time all year long.
Also noted in the Times article:
>Sri Lanka is a nation of clock towers, erected by a zealous government to
>ensure punctuality.
Sounds like they've been getting foreign aid from Singapore! :)
Chris Carrier

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