Timezone naming

Peter Hullah Peter.Hullah at eurocontrol.fr
Tue Nov 26 13:23:32 UTC 1996

J Wunsch wrote:
> You'll say ``Argh!'' now, i know.
> After a long and heated discussion in the FreeBSD core team, we came
> to the conclusion that changing the timezone name for Central Europe
> from MET to CET is a very bad move.


This change resulted from an original mail of mine which asked why
Unix used MET when the rest of the European, English-speaking world
uses CET. Central European Time is the generally accepted
term for the time zone of France, Germany etc. I (as an
- in fact, English. - European, informatician) applaud the use of CET
and of CEST instead of CETDST. Any move back would reinstate a situation
which is completely confusing to anyone who is used to the common name
for this time zone. How long until people say that SkyTV can't talk
CET because it's not standard?!




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