Timezone naming

Dik.Winter at cwi.nl Dik.Winter at cwi.nl
Tue Nov 26 22:38:42 UTC 1996

 > - I hardly ever have seen MET and METDST used anywhere outside the Unix
 >   world and we can very well assume that MET is today only known because it
 >   somehow found its way into the Olson database some time ago. DST is an
 >   abbreviation exclusively used in the U.S., most other countries
 >   say "summer time".

Some historical information from my online archives.  The tz database as
posted in mod.sources in March 1986 indeed had MET and did not mention CET.
Also the variant posted in February 1987 had that.  CET crept into the
database in March 1987 when it was posted in comp.bug.4-bsd.fixes by
Keith Bostic as an official BSD supplement.  That version had the remark:
  # Tom Hoffman says that MET is also known as Central European Time
  Link   MET     CET
Apparently non-native-English speakers were pretty satisfied with MET
for quite a long time (oh, well, at least some 10 years).

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