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In message <199611270100.RAA16930 at shade.twinsun.com>, Paul Eggert writes:
>   Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 20:32:34 +0100
>   From: Poul-Henning Kamp <phk at critter.tfs.com>
>   for Denmark MET is actually the abbreviation recommended by the
>   ministry of the interior.
>That's odd, since the Danish Standards Association recommends `CET'
>(reference: Posix 1003.1-1996 [ISO/IEC 9945-1: 1996], page 614, line 105).

Ok, they may have changed it recently then.  My reference is from 1991,
I guess this could be another bright move from the eurocrats in EU :-(

>Do you have a reference for the `MET' recommendation?
>Is this `MET' an abbreviation for Danish or for English?

Danish, it refers to "Mellemeuropaeisk tid" and states the "MET" as the 

Interesting footnote here:  They go to great length to explain how to
write the 02:00 - 03:00 interwall in the fall transistion:

	During the first interval use the suffix 'A':
	During the second interval use the suffix 'B':
	Thus the timescale will be:

	... 01:58 01:59 02:00A 02:01A ... 02:58A 02:59A
		02:00B 02:01B ... 02:58B 02:59B 03:00 03:01

Rather computer-unfriendly really...

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