Comments on download/Asia

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Sep 5 03:56:42 UTC 1996

Some comments (there will be a lot more) on the time zone download of
yesterday.  These comments are confined to Asia (will make more comments as I
digest the long posting).
It was postulated that Japan would go on DST in 1996, probably using the
American rules of 1st Sunday in April to last Sunday in October.  I just
called AT&T and got back a time of GMT+9; therefore they are not on DST. 
(This does not, however, preclude their going on DST this April 7 and then
deciding to end DST earlier than planned.)
Sri Lanka is listed as advancing from GMT+5:30 to +6:30 on 1996 May 25.  I
thought this happened on July 20????
Earlier during this year's Russian summer time period I called AT&T to get the
time in Mongolia.  I was quoted GMT+9 (GMT+8 with DST) for the entire
country, and was told they were on 1 time zone not 3.

Chris Carrier

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