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Paul Eggert eggert at
Thu Sep 5 07:00:59 UTC 1996

   Date: 04 Sep 96 23:56:42 EDT
   From: Chris Carrier <72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM>

   Sri Lanka is listed as advancing from GMT+5:30 to +6:30 on 1996 May 25.  I
   thought this happened on July 20????

That's what I thought too, at first, reasoning indirectly from some
words in an article by Christopher Thomas in _The Times_ of London
(07-30).  But later I found a Sri Lanka paper published the day before
the change which had more details and looked much more reliable.

   Earlier during this year's Russian summer time period I called AT&T
   to get the time in Mongolia.  I was quoted GMT+9 (GMT+8 with DST)
   for the entire country, and was told they were on 1 time zone not 3.

My guess is that Mongolia went from three time zones to one some time
in the last 15 years or so, and that this was influenced by China's
adoption of a single time zone in 1980.  I don't have any data for the
transition time, though.

   Date: Thu, 5 Sep 96 14:35:16 JST
   From: eubank at (Stephen Eubank)

   there was absolutely no mention of the possibility of implementing
   DST in any English-language periodicals here [in Japan], as far as I know.

The possibility was mentioned in the English-language _Asahi Evening News_,
1995-03-06, page 4.  Nothing has come of it yet, though.

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