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Sat Sep 7 11:57:06 UTC 1996

On Sep 7,  4:31am, Chris Carrier wrote:
> What the EU might consider would be the adoption of something similar to the
> Uniform Time Act in the United States; set the dates for summer time but
> member states to opt out of the summer time provision if they so choose.

But that would destroy the whole purpose of the Commission's work to
synchronise the change dates, so as to keep a fixed, mostly zero, offset
between the times in the member states.

> Has anyone heard anything about the release date of the 8th Directive?

Well, the official schedule is still to have a Directive agreed by the
Council of Ministers by 1 Jan 97. I doubt that this will happen as all
previous ones I know of have been late. I reported the Commissions
proposals here in May. They were another 4 years of the current rules:

year    start   end
1998    29 Mar  25 Oct
1999    28 Mar  31 Oct
2000    26 Mar  29 Oct
2001    25 Mar  28 Oct

If the French are now going to take a few months or so to decide what
they want it virtually guarantees that the 8th directive will be late.

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