how to install new tz data on BSD/OS ?

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> # Middle European Time, Middle European Time Daylight Savings Time

Just a note: The correct official English name and abbreviation of
your time zone is Central European (Summer) Time (CET-1CEST) and not
MET. This has been confirmed by people from the German official time
lab, CET is widely used in the media, and CET/CEST is the English
abbreviation that you'll find in several German-English dictionaries
that I have checked.  This was wrong under Unix for a long time,
however the latest revision of the tz database finally got this right.

You have to download the tzcode* and tzdata* files from  Just enter a "make zic" in case you
have not already installed a recent version of the zone info
compiler. With "zic europe", this program will read the database file
"europe" and produce a number of compact binary files with information
about various time zones. You (in France) will need the file
"Europe/Paris" that zic produces from Europe and link or copy it on
/usr/lib/zoneinfo/localtime, or /etc/localtime, or whereever on your
system the time zone is specified.  Every time zone is identified by
the name of the largest populated area in this time zone (e.g., Paris
for France).  See man zic for details.  Hope this helped ...


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