how to install new tz data on BSD/OS ?

Gildas Perrot perrot at
Fri Sep 20 13:19:42 UTC 1996


BSD/OS 2.1 uses the new zoneinfo but not BSD/OS 1.1.

I have one last BSD/OS 1.1 system and I have problems to change its zoneinfo. 
I got the sources of code and data of tz in

1) zic europe gives : "europe", line ...: input line of unknown type 
It seems that zic which comes with 1.1 is not compatible with new source 

2) I got zoneinfo sources and I compiled zic with 'make zic'.
First, I had to remove yearistype in zip entry in Makefile since 
doesn't appear in sources. I got a new zip which could compile the tz data.
I did "zip europe" and "zip -l Europe/Paris" but /etc/localtime stays the 
same. I copy Europe/Paris to /etc/localtime and this time, the perl script 
"" says : 

Today is Fri Sep 20 13:12:31 1996, DST is off
The current value of TZ is <not set>
No DST change in the next 20 weeks

instead of : 

Today is Fri Sep 20 15:12:7 1996, DST is on
The current value of TZ is <not set>
The next DST change will be Sun Sep 29 2:59:59 1996
one second later it will be Sun Sep 29 2:0:0 1996

as before the installation of the new /etc/localtime.

Any idea about the problem ?

Thanks in advance for your help.       Gildas.

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