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Tue Aug 12 12:01:22 UTC 1997

From: 	Dave Kelly[SMTP:dkelly at lhr-sys.DHL.COM]
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Subject: 	tztab entries

Hello There

I wonder if you might be able to help...

We are building a reference database in which one of the attributes
of a "site" is the timezone in which the site is located.  We decided
to use the HP-UX timezone name from the tztab file as a reference to
a timezone since it seemed as good as anything else.  We have now
realised that the entries we have as default in tztab are far from

Do you know where we could get hold of a tztab file which has
a complete list of entries?

We are only interested in modern (future) entries, but we are
interested in the whole global set.  We do not want to maintain
multiple tztab entries for countries which use the same zone - i.e.
we want to have a single entry for all the countries which use

I have found the tzcode and tzdata files but these do not link to a
particular "name" of a timezone such as GMT0BST or CET-1CEST.  It
would obviously make sense to use something that already exists.

Hope you can help or offer some advice

Thank you and regards

Dave Kelly

DHL Worldwide Express
dkelly at lhr-sys.dhl.com

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