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Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at
Fri Aug 29 17:52:35 UTC 1997

Hello folks,

I have a problem with the entries for France in

Currently, FR is associated with the entry for Paris, while the
various overseas departements (GP, MQ, GF, RE, PM, YT) are
associated each with their own entries.
OTOH, FR is supposed to mean France as a state, while there
is another code, FX, which specifically means "Metropolitan
France".  So I don't see FR to be at the same level as, say, RE.

To be more in line with ISO 3166 and current practices, I think
we should use the geographical related codes, i.e. FX for
Europe/Paris, and change accordingly and
to use FX instead of FR.

Of course, as FR is much more used than FX, I think this
desserves a comment in the commentary introductions of theses
files, explaining why FR is "absent".

Antoine Leca

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