Month 53 bug?

Theo de Raadt deraadt at
Tue Dec 30 23:17:40 UTC 1997

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> > Wait, isn't Sunday the first day of the next week?  Then it's 3 days
> > in the next week.  Ie, look at this:
> the man page (old or faulty?) says that "(Monday as the first day of the 
> week)".       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^-> the SunOS page says the same.
> That makes the week go from Mon -> Sun, thus still four days in this week 
> in the next year. 

Ok.  Perhaps this is a flaw then.  We need to find out which way that
needs to work, then.  Do you want to do some more research by
contacting the people who wrote the library in question?

Yeah you do!  Go for it: contact tz at and keep us
informed OK?


So, this brings me to you... what's the next step?

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