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Joe Celko [71062,1056] 71062.1056 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Jan 1 16:57:02 UTC 1997

I am writing a book on data and databases.  I need a short piece on 
timezones, UTC, leap seconds, etc. for the section on temporal data.  If 
anyone has the time (pun) and would like to contribute, I can pay them a few 
bucks for their effort.  I am more interested in getting the data than in 
getting a finished ready-to-publish article.

Here is my biosketch by way of introduction:


Joe Celko is an Atlanta-based consultant with Northern Lights Software Ltd. 
and has been a member of the ANSI X3H2 Database Standards Committee since 
1987 and helped write the ANSI/ISO SQL-89 and SQL-92 standards.  

Joe Celko has had several regular monthly or biweekly columns in the  past 
eleven years in the computer trade and academic press.  His  current columns 
are: "SQL Explorer" in DBMS (Miller-Freeman), "WATCOM SQL Corner" in 

Most recently, Mr. Celko also wrote: "Celko on SQL" in DATABASE PROGRAMMING & 
DESIGN (Miller-Freeman); "SQL Puzzle" in BOXES & ARROWS (Frank Sweet 
Publishing); "DBMS/Report" in SYSTEMS INTEGRATION (Cahner-Ziff); "Data Desk" 
in TECH SPECIALIST (R&D), "Data Points" in PC TECHNIQUES (Coriolis Group),  
"Celko on Software" in COMPUTING (VNC Publications, UK).  and was editor for 
the "Puzzles & Problems" section of ABACUS (Springer-Verlag).

Joe Celko is the author of four books on SQL: SQL FOR SMARTIES 
(Morgan-Kaufmann, 1995), INSTANT SQL (Wrox Press,1995), SQL PUZZLES & 
SOLUTIONS (Morgan-Kaufmann, 1997) and SECRETS OF THE SQL MASTER (Sys-Con, 
1996).  He is currently do a series under his name for Morgan-Kaufmann 

Joe Celko is a regular speaker and SQL instructor for Digital Consulting Inc.,
Norm DiNardi Enterprises, Boston University Corporate Education Center and 
Miller-Freeman Seminars.  


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