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David Keegel djk at cyber.com.au
Tue Jan 14 12:36:18 UTC 1997

To quote some previously private email (with permission):

] On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, David Keegel wrote:
] > Perhaps when ISO-8601 allows different formats (eg: +hh:mm, +hhmm, or +hh)
] > and RFC822 only allows one of these formats, then it would be appropriate
] > to choose the common format (eg: +hhmm).

Chris Newman wrote:
] For the "Internet profile", I selected the +hh:mm form.  ISO does allow
] the +hhmm form, but one reading of the spec would say only if all
] punctuation is omitted from the rest of the date time format.  If all the
] punctuation is omitted, the format becomes basically unreadable.

I agree omitting all punctuation would be a Bad Thing.  So the question
hinges on whether ISO-8601 says you can omit punctuation from the time-
zone, without omitting punctuation from everything else.

Would anyone on the tz list like to interpret ISO-8601 to answer this?
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