Minute offsets

Ken Pizzini ken at spry.com
Fri Jan 17 17:55:32 UTC 1997

> Chris Carrier wrote:
> > I would make minute offsets mandatory, because we are discussing not only
> > contemporary but historical time zone data, when minute offsets were more
> > common.
> If you consider this as an option, you should add the seconds offset!
> Until 1978 (?) for some applications, Paris time was in official use;
> and it's defined as GMT+00:09:21 (I don't know what happen with the 10
> leap seconds on 1972-01-01 ;-).

Or Saudi Arabia even now.

> On the other side, I don't consider it's worth the value, if you want MHO.

Agreed.  Rounding off the timezone offset to the nearest minute
should be fine; applications which need better precision than this
will probably use Zulu time (UTC) anyway.

For what it's worth:  My opinion on the "minutes in the zone
offset" question is to make them manditory in this proposed profile.
Stylistically I also like the idea of having a ":" between the hours
and minutes, but I won't miss it if it's not there.  I feel
that having seconds (and fractions thereof) in the timezone
offset to be excessive.

		--Ken Pizzini

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