Inverse for gmtime() ??

Markus G. Kuhn kuhn at
Mon Jan 20 23:05:08 UTC 1997

I just wanted to start writing a ISO 8601 subset -> time_t conversion
routine, but to my great disappointment I discovered that ISO C does
not seem to allow portable conversion of a broken-down time into time_t.

In other words, while mktime() is the inverse function to localtime(),
there exists no mkgmtime() that is the inverse function to gmtime().
I knew that the C standard library time API is a strange design, but I had
no idea that it was *that* bad.

The only practical way to get from a broken-down UTC time to time_t seems
to be to assume that we are on a POSIX system where the time_t representation
is exactly specified.

Or did I miss something?

In case someone of you is in contact with the folks revising ISO C, I have
now a whole list of things that should be fixed in time.h:

- add inverse function for gmtime() (mkutime() or mkgmtime())
- add to strftime() conversion specifiers for ISO 8601 week-of-year
  and year-of-week.
- remove the second leap second 61 mentioned in the footnote
  (contradicts to UTC definition)

Instead of adding an inverse function for gmtime, one could also extend
struct tm by a new field tm_offset, which is in seconds the difference
between the time in the struct tm and the corresponding universal time
(in my opinion a much cleaner solution than the tm_isdst hack).
But I guess, this might break existing code that does not initialize
tm_offset ...

Having a tm_offset in struct tm would however still be a good idea as this
would allow to implement in strftime() conversion specifiers for the
time zone offset (much more interesting than the time zone name).


Markus G. Kuhn, Computer Science grad student, Purdue
University, Indiana, USA -- email: kuhn at

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