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In message <Pine.SOL.3.95.970128144355.29431n-100000 at eleanor.innosoft.com>, Chr
is Newman wrote:

> > The nature of the name space (time zone identified by the English name of
> > the largest populated ares in this zone, etc.) should be specified and a 
> > rationale should be given for it (see the tz africa file for Paul's
> > background information about the namespace design).
> Good idea.  I didn't notice that before.

I believe, many first-time readers of the tz package do not find this quite 
important information, which is very well hidden in the comments of the
africa file.

I would suggest to remove the namespace design guidelines
from the africa file and put them into a separate clearly visible
documentation file (README, Theory, Design, etc.) such that first time
users who wonder about the concept behind the names can find it more easily.

>> The description of the role and purpose of the IANA time zone registry is
>> a little bit unclear.
> Yeah.  I'll work on it.

Ok, with the additional explanations in your reply, many thinks in your draft
start to make much more sense to me.


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