Daylight Extra and UK General Election

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Fri May 9 04:42:47 UTC 1997

As most of you know, on May 1 the United Kingdom had a General Election for
Parliament and Labor got in with a substantial majority.
The results of one race might be interesting to some of us: the seat held by
John Butterfill (Con., Bournemouth West).  Butterfill in 1995 introduced a
bill, known as the Daylight Extra Bill, which would have put the UK on summer
time in winter and double summer time in summer, to synchronise it with the
rest of the EU.  There was an attempt to force it out of committee; this
requires the assent of 100 MPs (out of, I believe, a total number of 630) and
the Bill received the support of 93.
(Note to anyone: I would appreciate clarification/correction to any of this.)
I was able to get the results of Bournemouth West last weekend, and Butterfill
managed to retain his seat, but he lost 14 percentage points, which was
comparable to the Conservative loss of support in the rest of the UK, so his
sponsorship of Daylight Extra didn't seem to either help or hurt him.
What I would like to ask is if anyone saw anything concerning Daylight Extra
during the General Election as a whole or in Bournemouth West specifically.
Chris Carrier

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