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Rob Jones 4-6597 MR Sys jones at
Wed May 21 15:33:16 UTC 1997

Direct [ i.e. junk ] E-Mail advertising is perhaps the stupidest marketing
idea ever.

Think of how upset people would be if they received advertising through
snail-mail that came postage due...  That is how I feel when I receive
junk Email.

It costs disc space and time.
And these costs are forced upon the recepient.

It causes me to make note of the compaines that have sent me EMail and I
refuse to send them any business.

The above opinions are my own, not my employer's.

And my apologies to those on the cc: that were not interested in this, but I
 thought it only fair to let you all know, since I am requesting something
 that impacts all on the list.

 -- Rob Jones

P.S.  If your company is good at promoting sites on the WEB, you should be
 able to promote your own without using such offensive tactics.

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