BC case, Oliver Wendell Holmes

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Thu May 22 05:27:30 UTC 1997

Fascinating post about British Columbia time.  It reminds me of something
Oliver Wendell Holmes, when he was on the Massachusetts Supreme Court, ruled
on some date after 1883-11-18 but before the adoption of the Standard Time Act
of 1918.  The LMT of a point in Massachusetts is approximately GMT-4:45, and
EST=GMT-5:00.  Holmes in his majority opinion wrote that the time of day
specified in contracts, etc... was LMT regardless of what the railroads said,
unless a governmental body chose to specify otherwise, which no doubt spurred
the growth of standard time laws.  Don't remember much more about it, but the
full story is in "The History of American Time."

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