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Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Sat May 24 07:25:02 UTC 1997

Joe Celko [71062.1056 at], quotes me:
>>... the growth of standard time laws.  Don't remember much more about it,
>>but the full story is in "The History of American Time."
>Would you mind giving me the full reference for that book?
Unfortunately I don't have a full reference.  I remember it came out about
1990, and forget the author's name.  It deals mostly with the establishment of
standard time, with the last chapter devoted to daylight time.
sharris at also quotes me:
>Another, related mailing list I subscribe to, CALNDR-L,
>run by Rick McCarty of East Carolina University, was suffering from spam
>Can you tell me a bit about this list you are referring to, and how one can
The list is about calendars: actual and proposed, along with related subjects,
like the number of days in a year and the change in that number (which of
course is related to leap seconds).  It's been up since last October.  To
subscribe, send a one-line email SUBSCRIBE CALNDR-L to
In December members of CALNDR-L started to receive spam from various sources. 
So the list moderator decided to require that all posts sent from non-
subscribers be cleared through him.  Posts from subscribers are still
automatically posted.  No spam has appeared on the list since this policy was
adopted five months ago.  Although it is possible that a subscriber could send
spam, anyone who did would be expelled from the list and everyone on the list
is a sensible person who would not do such a thing.
I would advocate a similar policy here on tz to stop spam.
Dave Skinner (dave at wrote:
>I totally agree that the spammers should be stopped, and if that takes
>monitoring postings before they are actually posted, then so be it.
The only posts that would be monitored/moderated would be those from non-tz
subscribers; not an undue burden.

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