Proposed magic number patch

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Oct 8 14:28:18 UTC 1997

Chris Newman wrote:

> Excellent idea, but I'd suggest choosing a magic number based on the
> principles outlined in RFC 2083 section 12.11.  I propose:
> \211 T Z \r \n ^Z \n
> as a magic number.

Thanks for the reference to RFC 2083.  I have two problems:

1)	7 bytes is a "peculiar" length.  I suggest adding a NUL
	(\0) byte just after the Z, if we go with this scheme.
	In which case "strncpy" will have to be replaced with

2)	There are only 20 available bytes.  I am a little
	reluctant to consume 8 of them, leaving at most 3
	new 32-bit length quantities.  Consuming only 4
	is less risky.


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