FW: Time zone in Atikokan, Ontario, Canada

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Subject: 	Time zone in Atikokan, Ontario, Canada

If I look at my road atlases, I see a nice straight-line boundary
between Eastern and Central Time in Ontario, following the 90th west
meridian from the boundary with Manitoba to that with Minnesota.

Atikokan is located about 80 miles west of the 90th meridian and
about 120 miles west of Thunder Bay.

Article in the Toronto Star, 1997-10-14:

|	Atikokan asked to vote on daylight savings time
|	ATIKOKAN (CP) -- Voters here are being asked to decide
|	what time it should be.
|	Like Saskatchewan, this northwestern Ontario community
|	of 4,000 does not change to daylight savings time.
|	That means clocks are an hour behind the rest of the
|	province in the summer months.
|	The chamber of commerce wants the town on eastern time
|	year-round because it says most of the community's
|	business dealings are with clients in that region.
|	The question will be on the ballot in the Nov. 10
|	municipal election.

Presumably this means that (1) either the Canadian Press or the
Toronto Star is unaware that not all of Ontario observes Eastern
Time, and (2) Atikokan has been been observing UTC-5 = Eastern
Standard Time = Central Daylight Time all year, and now proposes
to move to Eastern Time.

I thought the tz mailing list might be interested, if they hadn't
already heard.  I'm afraid I have no idea which level of government
has official jurisdiction on the question here.

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