Parsing Dates?

Guy Harris guy at
Mon Jul 13 18:48:22 UTC 1998

> Has anyone used the zoneinfo data to parse date strings into tm structures,
> e.g. "6/2/69 1:00pm CST" or "Jun 2 69 13:00 CST"?

Most of the date parsing can be done by routines such as "strptime()",
as implemented on many UNIXes.

The tricky part is interpreting the time zone name - and that's
especially tricky given that, apparently, there's an "EST" in both North
America and Australia.

Also, there's no place in a "struct tm" to record the *name* of a time
zone; at most, some have fields that can store the offset from UTC and
the "daylight savings time is in effect" flag.

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