British Summer Time - completing the legislative jigsaw

Joseph S. Myers jsm28 at
Thu Mar 26 18:47:29 UTC 1998

I have located the 1922 Summer Time Order (Statutory Rules and Orders 1922
number 264), the last remaining untraced piece of UK legislation on Summer
Time, in the Public Record Office (PRO: HO 45/11079/418515).  This
confirms the start and end of British Summer Time in 1922 to be Sunday 26
March to Sunday 8 October, both at 02:00 GMT.  The file contains ten
copies of the Order (one signed and bearing a seal), and one of the 1921
Order, but none of the Isle of Man order (S. R. & O. 1922 no. 290), which
is as yet untraced.  The papers in that file include letters instructing
that copies of the Order be communicated to the Channel Islands, which
suggests that Summer Time may have been used there.  There are several
files on Summer Time in HO 45 (Home Office Registered Papers) that I have
not yet looked at; these are indexed under "Daylight Savings" with no
cross-reference from "Summer Time".  HO 380 (Summer Time and Calendars)
contains files from 1962 to 1967.

(The Order states that the termination of the War was defined as 31 August
1921 (!), which means that it was made within the powers of the War
Emergency Laws (Continuance) Act.)

People seeking copies of the Summer Time Orders should note that the
following are not in the annual volumes:

SR&O 1917 No. 362, SR&O 1921 No. 363, SR&O 1921 No. 364 - get from the
Statutory Publications Office.

SR&O 1922 No. 264 - get from the PRO (in HO 45/11079/418515).

SR&O 1922 No. 290 - untraced.

SR&O 1940 No. 172, SR&O 1944 No. 932, SR&O 1945 No. 312, SI 1948/495, SI
1949/373, SI 1950/518, SI 1951/430, SI 1951/451 - get from the British

Joseph S. Myers
jsm28 at

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