Timezones for Romania

Matei Conovici cmatei at roedu.net
Sun Mar 29 12:46:48 UTC 1998


While trying to understand why some of our machines did not switch to
DST, I noticed this part in the "europe" file ...

# Zone  NAME            GMTOFF  RULES   FORMAT  [UNTIL]
Zone Europe/Bucharest   1:44:24 -       LMT     1891 Oct
                        1:44    -       BMT     1931 Jul 24     # Bucharest MT
                        2:00    Romania EET%s   1981 Mar 29 2:00s
                        2:00    M-Eur   EET%s
#                       This may change to `E-Eur' soon, for EC compatibility.

And I can certify that M-Eur was indeed changed to E-Eur, I believe
since last october (not sure though).

Anyway, today (29 Mar -> lastSun), 3:00 local time turned into 4:00
local time. This looks like it's E-Eur, and not M-Eur:

Rule    M-Eur   1981    max     -       Mar     lastSun  2:00s  1:00    " DST"
Rule    M-Eur   1996    max     -       Oct     lastSun  2:00s  0       -

Rule    E-Eur   1981    max     -       Mar     lastSun  3:00s  1:00    " DST"
Rule    E-Eur   1996    max     -       Oct     lastSun  3:00s  0       -

I found the file on a solaris machine. Where can one find the most
recent timezone definitions ?

All the best,

cmatei at roedu.net, cmatei at pub.ro, cmatei at edu.ro, cmatei at lbi.ro

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