Comments from David R Tribble on ISO C 9X time proposal

John Cowan cowan at
Fri Oct 2 15:58:18 UTC 1998

David Tribble (via Markus Kuhn) wrote:

> 11. TIME_PROCESS and TIME_THREAD fill a definite need, a la the times()
>  call of POSIX.  However, there is no way to ascertain the total elapsed
>  CPU time for *child* processes.  Perhaps a TIME_PROCESS_CHILDREN?

Does ISO C now have a notion of processes or threads, or children?
> 12. There ought to be a way to retrieve information for the local timezone.
>  The definition of tz_prep() states that a null argument returns information
>  about "some externally defined default timezone".  A better definition
>  would return information about "the local timezone, possibly determined
>  from some external source (such as the program execution environment)".

The objection here is "Local to whom"?  The physical location of a
computer is becoming less and less significant.  If I'm in Alabama, do I
care what a server in Georgia (the Republic of) thinks "the" time is?

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