(SC22WG14.6158) (SC22WG14.6131) (SC22WG14.6130) Summary of problems with draft C9x <time.h>, and a proposed fix

Canaglobe International Inc. mpereira at istar.ca
Fri Oct 2 18:56:03 UTC 1998

The dilema noted by Clive Featherstone of a completely satisfactory
technical solution versus layering on a still-not-staisfactory solution is,
unfortunately, increasingly common in many standardization area
particluarly those where there is a substantial sunk investment and user
base in legacy systems.

I would propose that one approaches the problem by

(1) working on the development of a "completely satisfactory technical
solution" for ALL the required functionalities

and then, and in the context of (1)

(2) develop interim solutions, migration strategies/paths, etc. generally
as well as required for particular user bases (e.g. the MS-DOS) community

In short separate (a) the totality of the needed/desirable from the (b)
immediately do-able, need to recognize the reality of sunk investments.
This having been recognized, mapped out and accepted,  the only remaining
contentious question then becomes one of time lines (pardon the pun).

Trust that this is of some use - Jake Knoppers

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