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David Keegel djk at cyber.com.au
Tue Oct 6 23:33:38 UTC 1998

] If we are ever to have a referenceable "database" on date/timezones as
] Marcus Kuhn is thinking and I see David Keegel also sees as a long term
] objective, we should take this matter a bit more seriously, i.e. the
] IT-enabled and IT-interface API versus the multiple human interface
] equivalents which it may have.

How did I get involved in this discussion??

]  The 3-digit time zones are stable  they change only when there is a change
] in jurisdiction (.e.g. the break-up of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia,
] Ethiopia, etc.)

That doesn't sound very stable to me.  Jurisdictions change all the time.

Having read your message(s), I don't see any good reasons for changing
from a City based naming scheme to a numeric code based scheme.  This
is *not* an invitation for you to present more arguments, I think we
have all heard enough about this now to make up our own minds.
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