Proposal for new ISO C 9x time API

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Thu Oct 8 19:20:46 UTC 1998

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>I don't like to see the %H, %M, and %S formats restricted in their 
>format to only '.' and ',' decimal separators.  Separate directives 
>(perhaps %.nH et al) that format only the fractional part would 
>allow users to supply any decimal separator they chose, as in 
>"%H:%M!%.3M" for "03:20!666".  (I have seen satellite navigation
>systems with stranger choices of syntax.)

I think you're barking up a tree that WG14 won't like here.

The strftime() family of functions are designed to extract the basic
time information in text form. I previously attempted to get minimum
widths and zero fill added, but unsuccessfully. The consensus view of
WG14 was that the programmer should do text manipulation on the results
of the conversion.

I don't think this standard is the place for unusual features like
decimal times, let alone specified precisions.

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