Bradley White bww at fore.com
Sat Oct 10 16:24:14 UTC 1998

] Much discussion about the representation of timestamps, the
] inability to predict future leap seconds, and the effects of
] out-of-date leap-second tables,

I think if we all stipulate that some form of "display UTC" is the
only representation that should be stored or forwarded, then some
of the objections will disappear.

If anyone wants to define such a "display UTC" representation for
files or communication protocols, so be it.  [Personally, I would
just use an ISO string and eat the conversion and storage costs.]

Otherwise, the local representation of timestamps is a local issue,
and we should just be specifying an API to manipulate such timestamps
in useful ways.  [I'm not sure if making them arithmetic would be a
advantageous step in that process.]

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