Bradley White bww at fore.com
Sat Oct 10 19:50:09 UTC 1998

Allow me to clarify two responses:

>>> I think if we all stipulate that some form of "display UTC" is the
>>> only representation that should be stored or forwarded,

>> You expect high-volume logging tools and network servers to convert
>> every timestamp to year-month-day-hour-minute-second-subsecond?

A server that just accepts, stores, and distributes timestamps would
simply store them in wire format.  No conversions would be required.
Only clients need interpret those "display UTC" convertible timestamps.

>>                                            you're kidding yourself if
>> you expect UNIX filesystems to start storing inode times in that format.

I certainly don't expect UNIX filesystems to start storing "display
UTC" convertible timestamps anytime soon.  But I think it will happen

The only issue that has stopped Olson "right" mode from being more
popular is its failure to clearly distinguish between its TAI-ticking
time_t's and the POSIX time_t's calculated or received from elsewhere.
My observations about internal and external representations are based
upon that practical experience.


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