turning clocks back

Dik.Winter at cwi.nl Dik.Winter at cwi.nl
Sun Oct 11 23:16:54 UTC 1998

 > Actually thinking about it, there is a neat way of encoding hour 2A in a
 > distinguishable way even on "analog" clock displays: Just stop the
 > motion of the hour pointer for 60 min during hour 2A, and it will be
 > immediately recognizable whether you are in hour 2A or 2B (except
 > perhaps for the first few minutes of the hour, where the smaller pointer
 > hasn't moved yet much during hour 2B).

Well, for clocks I do not think it matters as much as that.  Since the
days that DST was introduced in the Netherlands (the 70s), in Amsterdam
the switch over of public clocks was done by letting them run at half
speed or at double speed during an hour.  As far as I know nobody did
complain (but perhaps nobody is using those clocks as they are always
a few minutes slow compared to the clock the Dutch railways uses?)

I seriously doubt the "second exact" time some people say they need on
their watches.  But who am I, I do not have a watch.

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