FW: timezone improvements

Ulrich Drepper drepper at cygnus.com
Fri Aug 27 07:22:50 UTC 1999

> How can I get the capabilities I want integrated with the standard time zone
> library?  By making it a part of the standard library, the chance increases
> that the code will be used, maintained, and completely debugged.  We are
> willing to pay for the capabilities we want.  Would Cygnus be a good source
> for this work?  Do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks very much.

I don't know exactly why you are referring to Cygnus.  I guess because
you associate my glibc work with my employer.  And I also don't know
which "standard library" you are referring to.  glibc as used on
Linux?  You will most probably be out of luck trying to influence the
commercial Unix vendors.

If you know what interface you are looking for contact me and I can
see whether it makes sense adding it to glibc.

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