C9X and Time

Clive D.W. Feather clive at demon.net
Tue Aug 31 22:55:22 UTC 1999

Paul Eggert said:
>    I can set up a new list tomorrow. What would be a good name? time.h?
>    c-time? c9x-time? c200x-time? :-)
> Any API changes are too late for draft C9x, which (despite its name)
> is carved in stone.  I believe the C standards committee informally
> calls the next version C0x, so c0x-time might be a good name.  Clive
> Feather would be a good person to ask, since he's on the ISO C
> committee and knows their naming scheme; I'll CC this to him.

Make it c-time. This work doesn't have to wait for C0X - it can go in as a
Normative Addendum to C9X.

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