US vs. European Date Notation

Eric Ulevik eau at
Sun Jan 31 09:23:46 UTC 1999

From: Markus Kuhn <Markus.Kuhn at>

>He would be very interested into any pointers of the history of these
>three date notations, and actually I am quite interested as well.

Unfortunately, no history, but I do have some thoughts:

* another notation is <day>.<month number in lower case roman
numerals>.<year> Example: 31.i.99, 9.ix.99, 1.i.2000

* day.month.year is logical, as is Historical accident may
prefer one or the other.

* is odd. Why would people use it? Perhaps it is a US
invention. Examination of historical records may be fruitful. I did find
"John Hancock, President. Dated, Philadelphia, June 19, 1775."

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