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Tonga gets serious on millennium bid
Monday 3 May, 1999 (1:57pm AEST)

Kingdom of Tonga is so determined to be the first country in the world to
see 2000 that it might introduce daylight saving this year for the first
time ever.

Tonga prides itself on being the first country in the world to see the sun
each day, although New Zealand catches up with Tonga's time zone each

Tonga has great plans to welcome in the year 2000 but its hoped for tourist
boom has lost some of its shine because New Zealand is claiming that its
Chatham Islands will be the first place in the world to greet the New Year.

Tonga's director of tourism, who is also secretary of the National Millenium
Committee, has a plan to get Tonga back in front.

He has proposed a one-off move to tropical daylight saving for Tonga from
October to March, which has won approval in principle from the Tongan

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